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About Us

A Shining Star Early Learning Preschool Management believes that teaching isn’t just a job – it is a passion. Our devotion for education and love for children gave us the motivation to obtain our Early Education Director Credentials through the State of Florida, and to continue going to school to better advance


Our knowledge to guide the little hearts that ASSELP have in care every single day. We have a deep desire to love, nurture, and inspire children from the moment they enter the school until it’s time to go home.

We're determined to build a strong solid foundation for our children that will allow them to be successful individuals for the future.

Our Philosophy

We believe in creating a warm, nurturing environment where children feel secure and can gain confidence in their own abilities. We believe that by sharing aspects of their native culture through music, dance, food, language and dress, children expand their knowledge and understanding of the world. We welcome children who speak little or no English at home and believe that English speaking children benefit as they observe and help their peers learn English.


We believe in learning through play. Play is the central activity in the life of a child, and through our structured, teacher led play-based activities, children learn naturally how to think, how to solve problems, and how to achieve goals. How to express their ideas and their emotions, how to cooperate, collaborate and respect each other, how to be a friend.

While having fun they are developing the social, emotional, physical and cognitive foundations they need to succeed — not just in their next school, but throughout their lives.

Our Community

There’s a reason our students love coming to school: they feel part of a lively, diverse and supportive community. A community not only made up of their fellow students and our dedicated staff, but that reaches beyond school walls to include their own families and neighborhoods. We believe it takes a village to raise a child and with the help of the community we know that it can work.


Parents are a vital part of our community, and are encouraged to share their family’s traditions and customs, participate in social events and fundraising activities, and become involved in parent education programs.

Teaching children that they belong to a global community is one of the joys of what we do. Providing opportunities for American and international families to come together and form lasting friendships.

Our Legacy

Local Kissimmee neighborhoods. Global cultural experiences. It’s a unique combination that gives children opportunities they can’t get anywhere else. Opportunities to embrace diversity, to learn mutual respect and understanding. Opportunities that will prepare them to become outstanding citizens in a diverse and changing world.


Highly trained, diverse, tenured teaching staff. A proven, developmentally based curriculum. That’s a dynamic combination that guarantees our students possess a solid foundation, and the skills they need, to excel in their ongoing academic life.

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